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Brett Brady

Brett Brady

Born: October 21 1944 in Oak Park Illinois, USA
Resides: Pahoa (Big Island), Hawaii, USA
E-mail: brettbrady (at) gmail (dot) com

Writer, singer, actor, athlete, lyricist, composer, illustrator, lecturer, teacher, coach, news reporter, bus driver, lighthouse sweeper, lobster-fisherman, house builder, house parent, construction worker, songwriter, guitarist, flautist, filmmaker, playwright, printer, publisher, director, producer, professor, feasibility-advisor, paper boy, garbage man, salesman, life-counselor, camp-counselor, college dean, university executive vice-president, farmhand, and a few more…

Awards and Other Honors: Some of his awards include: Winner, the Joseph Howe Award for Poetry (Dalhousie Gazette University Press, 1975); Winner, Second Annual International Yuki Teikei Haiku Contest; Winner, the Sumitomo Bank Award: Haiku Journal 1979); Honorable Mention, Dragonfly (1979); Special Merit Award, Oh-I Ocha New Haiku Contest, Ito En, Ltd (2005 and 2006); Three Second Place Awards (two for haiku and one for Hawaiian kigo) and one Third Place Award (senryu): Hawaiian Educational Association 28th International Haiku Contest; Honorable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2009).

Books Published: Across the Dark (Celestial Arts, 1971); Tearing Mind/ Silent Streams (Sea Litho Press, 1973); wind in the pages: haiku [paperback] (Outskirts Press, Inc., 2007); wind in the pages: haiku [hardcover] (Outskirts press, Inc., 2008); a translucent moon [haiku & senryu and other frog chirps] (Finishing Line Press, 2013; ISBN: 978-1-62229-264-6).

Selected Work
   near the end
then the beginning…
     wind in the pages
dripping from the lip
     of a lilac
   darkwine sea…
our last day slipping
     into silence
   cool evening…
the faint scent of rain
     and woodsmoke
   slow dusk . . .
the  deepening colors
     of stained glass
   a trail
where a star fell
     still glows

Credits: "near the end" – Requiem (CD, 2003); "slow dusk" – Requiem (CD, 2003), Special Merit Award, Oh-I Ocha New Haiku Contest, Ito En, Ltd; "a trail" - Requiem (CD, 2003).

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