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Paul David Mena

Paul David Mena

Born: August 15 1959 in Rockville Centre New York, USA
Resides: Cochituate, Massachusetts, USA
E-mail: pauldavidmena (at) gmail (dot) com

I have worked in the computer industry for over 25 years and have been writing haiku nearly as long. A city-dweller since birth, I tend to lean toward urban themes in my work, with an emphasis on the vibrancy, diversity and polarity of the city setting.

Awards and Other Honors: I won an honorable mention at Haiku Chicago in 1995, as well as placing second in The Haiku Award in still magazine in 1999.

Books Published: tenement landscapes (a small garlic press, 1995); trainsongs [haiku and free verse] (double bunny press, 1997); the brewpub chronicles (Haiku in Low Places, 1999).

Selected Work
at a sheet of paper
a night without words
three jazz pianists
for ghosts
military jet
carves a white scar
in the sky
Veteran's Day rain—
an old man holds an umbrella
above the monument
thank you for the gift
of yourself
Thanksgiving Night—
a stray dog
in an empty parking lot

Credits: "staring” - Brussels Sprout (1994); "military jet" - Brussels Sprout (1995); "thank you for the gift" - Modern Haiku (1996); "three jazz pianists" - still (1999); "Veteran's Day rain" - still (1999); "Thanksgiving Night" - temps libres (2009).

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