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Evelyn Lang

Evelyn Lang

Born: November 26 1939 in Rochester New Hampshire, USA
Resides: Deerfield, New Hampshire, USA
E-mail: octoberstone (at) metrocast (dot) net

Evelyn Lang is a long time member of the Haiku Society of America and has been writing haiku and haibun for over twenty years.   She has been published in many poetry journals, including frogpond, The Nor’easter, The Boston Haiku Society Newsletter, Dasoko, Woodnotes, Modern Haiku, Hummingbird.  Her work has also been selected to appear in The Haiku Anthology [Third Edition, edited by Cor van den Heuval] (W. W. Norton & Company, 1999), Where Cats Meditate (MQ Publications, London, 2002), and Zen Poems (MQ Publications, London, 2002).  She has had several haibun Broadsides published by Vincent Tripi’s Tribe Press.  Most recently, she was selected to be the guest poet on Tom Clausen’s Mann Library Daily Haiku for the month of October 2010.

Books Published: Wild Pond (self-published, 1999); Octoberstone Journal (self-published, Turtle Pond Books, 2005).

Selected Work
cold enough now
for an evening fire . . .
rosehips hang in the kitchen
wild March wind
rain on the tin roof
turns to sleet
apple blossoms—
in the dowser’s hands
a forked branch quivers
sax sound
crossing the intervale
spring storm
tai chi at dawn
hermit pine and i
summer wind
this way and that
seagull tracks
mapping wet sand

Credits: "cold enough now," "apple blossoms," "tai chi at dawn," and "wild March wind" from Wild Pond (self-published, 1999); "sax sound" - Nor’easter 16:1 (2010); "this way and that" - Octoberstone Journal (self-published, Turtle Pond Books, 2005).

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