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Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar

Born: 1946 in Moradabad, India
Resides: Allahabad, India
E-mail: santosh1946 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dr. Santosh Kumar is a poet, short-story writer, and an editor from Uttar Pradesh, India. DPhil in English; Editor of Taj Mahal Review and Harvests of New Millennium Journals; several awards; member of World Poets Society (W.P.S.); member of World Haiku Association, Japan; published poetry in Indian Verse by Young Poets (1980), World Poetry (1995 & 1996), The Fabric of A Vision (2001), The Still Horizon (2002), The Golden Wings (2002), Voyages (2003), Symphonies (2003), New Pegasus (2004), Explorers (2004), Dawn (USA), Promise (Purple Rose Publications, USA), World Haiku No. 4 (2008), World Haiku No. 5 (2009), Taj Mahal Review (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008). He has edited sixteen World Poetry Anthologies, and four books of World’s Great Short Stories. He has also edited The Poetic Achievement of Ban'ya Natsuishi (Cyberwit, India, ISBN: 978-81-8253-149-9) and The Haiku of Sayumi Kamakura: A Critical Study (English and Japanese Edition) (Cyberwit, India ISBN: 978-81-8253-164-2).

Awards and Other Honors: Presented papers in the seminar, interviews as special guest at international literary festival WORDS – one path to peace and understanding Oslo, Norway in September 2008; attended 20th Annual International Literary Festival Druskininkai Poetic Fall and 5th World Haiku Association Conference in Lithuania, Sept 30 to Oct 5, 2009.

Books Published: Helicon [poetry] (Cyberwit, India, 2006, ISBN 81-901366-8-2) New Utopia [haiku] (Rochak Publishing, India, 2008, ISBN 978-81-903812-0-8); NO NUKES: Brave New World of Beauty, A Long Narrative Poem, Songs of Peace & Haiku (Rochak Publishing, India, 2009, ISBN 978-81-903812-3-9); and Critical Essays in collaboration with Adam Donaldson Powell (Cyberwit, India, 978-81-8253-110-9).

Selected Work
hound’s tooth
haiku moment
nourished dreams
becoming alive
in the emptiness of haiku
haiku refuses to come
as the night grows rough
solitary poet
honey-bee returns again
sacred haiku is being written
glimpses of water
through recesses—
helped by a red rose
i keep my inner angel awake:

Credits: All selections published in Taj Mahal Review (June 2009).

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