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Jim Kacian

Jim Kacian

Born: July 26 1953 in Worcester Massachusetts, USA
Resides: Winchester, Virginia, USA
E-mail: jim (dot) kacian (at) comcast (dot) net

Jim Kacian is the founder and director of The Haiku Foundation, owner and publisher of Red Moon Press, and author of 16 (mainly haiku) books.

Awards and Other Honors: The honors that have mattered the most to me have been the trust to help bring other poets' work and projects to fruition, and their acknowledgments that one or another of my own poems have touched them in some way.

Books Published: Anagrammaton (Beyond Baroque Press, Venice CA 1984); Karasevdah (Red Moon Press, Winchester VA 1986); Hommages (Black Heron Press, Baltimore MD 1989); Presents of Mind (Katsura Press, Lake Oswego OR 1996); Chincoteague (Amelia Press, Bakersfield CA 1996; reprint Red Moon Press); Six Directions (La Alameda Press, Albuquerque NM 1997); In Concert (Red Moon Press, Winchester VA 1999); Second Spring (Red Moon Press, Winchester VA 2001); Iz Kamna [Out of the Stone](Drustvo Apokalipsa, Ljubljana Slovenia 2001); How to Haiku (Red Moon Press online 2003); dead reckoning (Red Moon Press, Winchester VA 2005); border lands (Red Moon Press, Winchester VA 2006); orbit tertius (Red Moon Press, Winchester VA 2007); long after (Albalibre, Rossignol Marittimo Italy 2008); road of stone (Red Moon Press, Winchester VA 2009); where i leave off ('t schrijverke, Den Bosch Netherlands 2010).

Selected Work
a cloud
bigger than the sky
spring longing
swallowflight . . .
looking out the window
long after
pain fading the days back to wilderness
between statues the rest of history
the river
the river makes
of the moon
passing the jug
the warmth
of many hands

Credits: "a cloud" – Second Prize, Kusamakura International Haiku Competition (2003) [Arima’s First Choice]; "pain" - orbis tertius (2005), roadrunner (2007), haikunaut (March 2009), World Haiku Review (2010); "the river" – Honorable Mention, Mainichi Daily News (1996), First Mainichi Anthology of Winning Selected Haiku [daiichikai mainichi ikutai shyousakuhinshi] (Tokyo: Mainichi Shimbun, 1997), The Red Moon Anthology (1997), Six Directions (1997), Iz Kamna (2002), Shenandoah [musical haibun] (1997), antbook (2000), orbis tertius (2005), long after (2008), Simply Haiku Featured Poet Selection (2009); "swallowflight" - Presents of Mind (1996), Iz Kamna (2002), long after (2008); "between" – First Prize, Kusamakura Haiku Contest (2008), haikunaut (March 2009), Simply Haiku Featured Poet Selection (2009); "passing the jug" - still 1, Simply Haiku 2, The Red Moon Anthology (1997), a second spring (2001), Iz Kamna (2002), border lands (2007), long after (2008).

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