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Born: October 15 in Ishim Tyumen region (Western Siberia), Russia
Resides: Lansing, Michigan, USA
E-mail: origahaiku (at) yahoo (dot) com

Origa has a university degree with honor in history and social sciences. Her thesis was in Russian history, and she has taught in colleges and universities. Poet, sumi-e artist, and translator, her art is in collections in 19 countries, as well as exhibitions in galleries. She is resident artist for moonset. Her haiku have been published in 10 countries and in 12 languages. She sponsors the International bilingual haiku contest "Calico Cat,” with her sumi-e as prizes.

Awards and Other Honors: First prize and Honorable Mention, Kaji Aso International Haiku Competition (2004); First Prize, 16th World Haiku Association Haiga Contest (2004); First Prize, Haiku-Do haiku contest, "Christmas Carols" (2005); Honorable Mention, Haiku Society of America, Harold G. Henderson Haiku Contest (2005); First Prize, 32nd World Haiku Association Haiga Contest (2006); Commended, Yellow Moon International "Seed Pearls haiku contest" (2006); Commended, First International Haiku Contest "Haiku and Music," Bulgarian Haiku Club (2006); Second prize, Robert Spiess Memorial Award Haiku Competition (2007); Selected Haiku, Basho Festival (2007); Honorable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2007); Readers' Choice Award, White Lotus (2008); Honorable Mention,12th Mainichi Haiku contest (2008); Third Prize, 13th International "Kusamakura" Haiku Competition (2008); Grand Prize, "Genkissu! Spirits Up!" Hekinan Haiku Contest (2008); Best Haiku, Mainichi Daily News (2008); Second Prize, Fifth Annual Anita Sadler Weiss Memorial Haiku Awards (2009); Prize winner haiku, 11th Haiku International Association contest (2009); Honorable Mention, The Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award Competition (2010).

Selected Work
summer solstice
dawn silently scales
skyscraper windows
late autumn ...
moonlight preserved
in a glass jar
a white heron
hurrying along the pond --
summer is leaving ...
tantric music
raindrops slide upward
on the windshield
the school bell rings --
the wings of a butterfly tremble
on the pin
summer solstice --
between me and my father
wind on the bridge

Credits: "summer solstice/dawn" - First Prize, Mainichi Daily News Annual Selection [Haiku in English: Best of 2008]; "a white heron" - Перспектива/Perspective: Le mensuel bilingue franco-russe #8 (51), (France, 2008); Among the Lilies: A White Lotus Anthology (2008). [This haiku has been translated into 44 languages]; "the school bell rings" - Modern Haiku 38:2 (2007) [Second Prize, The Robert Spiess Memorial Award Haiku Competition (2007)]; "late autumn" - Prize winner,11th Haiku International Association contest (2009); "tantric music" - Asahi Weekly, print edition, July 5, 2009 (Japan); "summer solstice/between" - Grand Prix, Genkissu! Spirits Up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku Contest (2008).

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