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John McDonald

John McDonald

Born: November 24 1939 in Lairg Scotland
Resides: Edinburgh, Scotland
E-mail: jazzertimes6 (at) yahoo (dot) com

I am a retired stone-mason who came to haiku in the 1990s after a few years of poetry writing in the Scots language. I fell in love with the genre, and after a few years of writing purely in English, I returned to my native Scots (one of the two languages native to Scotland, the other being Gaelic - a Celtic rooted language) and created a bilingual web-page at which I try to update daily. I also recently started a haibun blog at:

Awards and Other Honors: I was winner of the 10th Suruga Baika literary festival in 2008; I have been winner of the British Haiku Society's Museum of Literature Award on two occasions; I have won several Kukais: Sketchbook, Caribbean, and Haiku Ireland

Books Published: The Throu-Gaun Chiel (, 2008); Tuim Tin Tassie (Hub Editions, 2008); Fume O Peat Reek (Hub Editions, 2009); Skailt Jeegsaw (2009) [this book is now out of print and available in audio only] (all books have been recorded onto CD].

Selected Work
cat on the fence
his tail
strung to the moon
it starts to snow  -
the blind musician
looks upwards
two black dogs run and play  -
their red tongues
their white bones
through autumn leaves  -
a crackling fire
rain clouds gone  -
pigeons' wings
shaking the light
old lady
pulling brambles  -
her blue smile

Credits: "cat on the fence" - Taj Mahal Review 8:1 (2008); "two black dogs run and play" - Taj Mahal Review 8:1 (2008); "rain clouds gone" - Taj Mahal Review 8:2 (2008); it starts to snow" – Harvests of New Millenium 2:1 (2009); "jogger" – Harvests of New Millenium 2:1 (2009)"old lady" - Harvests of New Millenium 2:1 (2009)

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