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Tanja Cilia

Tanja Cilia

Born: September 03 1959 in Floriana, Malta
Resides: Fleur de Lys, Malta
E-mail: tanjachilja (at) hotmail (dot) com

I am married, have three children, and I live in Malta, Europe. I am a columnist, correspondent, features writer, and blogger for Allied Newspapers, Malta. I freelance for online and print media in Maltese and English. Writing poetry, especially haiku, helps me relax.

Selected Work
Love is a marble
Hard glass encases a core
That’s unreachable.
Love is an onion
It’s got several layers –
And it makes you cry!
Love is an onion;
Each layer that you explore,
Brings the core closer.
Love's on hold today;
Fractious child cries his heart out,
Aching to be hugged.

Credits: All selections are from Great Inspirational Quotes (online)

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