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Heather Lurie

Heather Lurie

Born: in Hartford Connecticut, USA
Resides: Eyrewell Forest, Canterbury, New Zealand
E-mail: hlwombat (at) gmail (dot) com

Originally from the US, Heather Lurie has resided in New Zealand for the past 18 years. She loved reading haiku whilst growing up and discovered two years ago that she also loves writing them.
Published in many 2022-2024 online and print journals in many different countries, won the British Haiku Society Awards 2023 "David Cobb Haiku Award", and received a commendation in the NZPS 2023 International Poetry Competition.

Awards and Other Honors:

Winner, The British Haiku Society Awards 2023 "David Cobb Haiku Award"; Commendation, New Zealand Poetry Society 2023 International Poetry Competition.

Selected Work
deep twilight
she follows the fireflies 
into the forest
the walks
we took that summer
my new bracelet
standing against
a city of stars
the stag
waiting to hear
the words he hasn't said
falling snow
yawning grave
all the euphemisms 
for suicide
we used to follow 
winter wind


“deep twilight” – Commendation, NZPS 2023 International Poetry Competition; “the walks” – Modern Haiku vol. 54.2 Summer 2023; “standing against” – Winner, The British Haiku Society Awards 2023 "David Cobb Haiku Award; “waiting to hear” – cattails senryu, April 2023; “yawning grave” – Presence #77, 2023; “paths” – hedgerow #141, 2023.

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