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Inas Asfari

Inas Asfari

Born: April 25 1974 in Aleppo, Syria
Resides: Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA
E-mail: inas742000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language & Literature; Diploma of Educational Qualification; Works: Behavior Technician for Autism Health; Private Arabic Teacher In-person & Virtual; Author: Poetry, Haiku, Flashes, Articles, and Short Stories for Kids & Adults: Member of American Haiku Society AHS and International Literary Union ILU.

Awards and Other Honors:

Special honor certificate - International Literary Union ILU/ USA (2016); Culture’s Merit in recognition of literary creativity - International Literary Union ILU/ USA (2020).

Books Published:

Phoenix (poetry in Arabic), Dar Al-Yanabia for printing, publishing and distribution Damascus 2016; The Texture of Water (Haiku/Senryu in Arabic), Dar Attakwin, Damascus 2017.

Selected Work
partly cloudy 
one walkway to the sea 
lavender meadows
lilac flowers 
in the champagne glass 
one petal floats
in the pond 
blue sky 
and one dandelion
Milwaukee summer 
across the dry cement 
duck prints
in front of our houses 
“go ahead” I said 
the squirrel neighbor
April rains, 
as yesterday, today too 
I am lonely


“partly cloudy” – Fractured by Cattails, HSA Members’ Anthology 2023; “lilac flowers” – Visiting the Wind, HSA Members’ Anthology 2021; “in the pond” – Bundled Wildflowers, HSA Members’ Anthology 2020; “Milwaukee summer” – Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 4:2, Spring/Summer 2021; Daily Haiku: Feb. 16, 2022 Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog; “in front of our house” – The Helping Hand Haiku Anthology ed. Robert Epstein, 2020; “April rains” The Haiku Way to Healing: Illness, Injury, and Pain Anthology, ed, Robert Epstein, 2022.

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