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Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

Born: 1976 in Bombon, Philippines
Resides: (...), Philippines

Lorelyn Arevalo, a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy graduate, works as a medical transcriptionist overseas. During the pandemic, she wrote and published two self-care books that she call "Twin deLights." Afterwards, her interest and love for haiku and other forms of micropoetry has deepened as the learnings and fun just never stop.

Awards and Other Honors:

The Mainichi Haiku in English Best of 2022; Selected Haiku, Golden Haiku Contest 2023; Selected Haiku, 15th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest 2023; Honorable Mention, 4th International Haiku Competition, Pula Film Festival 2023.

Books Published:

Haikuna Matata John 14-14 Book Publishing Center, 2021; Hainaku! It's Pundemic!, John 14-14 Book Publishing Center, 2021.

Selected Work
his sun-drenched fatigue
paper cranes
how light
is laughter
tire swing
morning fog
the sunflowers
in a blanket of frost
icicles . . .
a mother's patience
wearing thin
morning walk
dewdrops on tall grass
grazing my legs
paper boat―
the dreams
that never left the harbour


“folding” – Cattails issue 32 October 2023; “how light” – haikuNetra issue 1.2 Oct. 2023; “morning fog” – Plum Tree Tavern Winter Haiku 2023 Issue; “icicles” – The Mainichi Dec. 2, 2022; “morning walk” - Hedgerow #139, October 2022; “paper boat” – Presence Issue #73,July 2022.

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