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Melissa Dennison

Melissa Dennison

Born: June 30 1973 in Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Resides: Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
E-mail: mel (dot) dennison (at) tiscali (dot) co (dot) uk

I am a poet of haiku and short form poetry. I love haiku in particular, as it brings together my love of poetry and nature. Much of my writing at present explores my sensory experience of the natural world.

Books Published:

Work Anthologised:
The best international haiku 2023 anthology: the annual search by, Stephen FitzGerald Editor (2024); The poetry pea journal 2.23 and Zoka podcast poetry pea December 2023; S6E44, Original Poetry, haiku and senryu using Zoka (

Selected Work
traffic noise―
catkins waft 
pollen on the air
ink drops 
on snow
morning frost sparkles
a million stars
crunch beneath my feet
slicing tomato
memories of summer
come oozing out
robin sings
footsteps circle
the snowman
spider weaves her web
amongst fading hydrangea


“traffic noise” – HaikuNetra Issue 1.4, Dec. 2023; magpies – HaikuNetra Issue 1.5 Feb. 2024; “morning frost sparkles” – Haiku Corner, The Japan Society, week 49 (4-8 Dec 2023; editor's choice); “slicing tomato” – Haiku Corner, The Japan Society, week 47 (20-24 Nov 2023, editor's choice); “robin sings” – Haiku Corner, The Japan Society, week 48 (27 Nov-1 Dec 2023); “spider weaves her web” – Haiku Corner, The Japan Society, week 36 (4- 8 Sept 2023).

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