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Aidan Castle

Aidan Castle

Born: May 31 1986 in Washington DC, USA
Resides: Tacoma, Washington, USA
E-mail: aidan (dot) s (dot) castle (at) gmail (dot) com

Aidan writes haiku, senryu, and haibun. His work has recently appeared in Kingfisher, NOON: journal of the short poem, Heliosparrow, Prune Juice, hedgerow, contemporary haibun online, MacQ, and his book the gossamer (KDP, 2023). When not writing poetry, Aidan enjoys drawing, painting, hiking, camping, drinking coffee, and staring out into the fog. He lives and loves in the Pacific Northwest.

Awards and Other Honors:

Trailblazer Contest 2021 finalist.

Books Published:

the gossamer (KDP, 2023).

Selected Work
candlelit vigil
the gun
wedged at his waist
her ashes
on my fingertips
the breath of an owl
noon sun―
a room inside 
the hummingbird
salmon run―
the nurse slips off
his wedding band
where a bear paw grazed the river moon
skin to skin the comet without a name


“candlelit vigil” – hedgerow #144, December 2023; “her ashes” – first frost #6, Fall 2023; “noon sun” – NOON: journal of the short poem 24, October 2023; “salmon run” – Pan Haiku Review #2, January 2024; “where a bear paw” – the gossamer, KDP, August 2023; “skin to skin” – Heliosparrow Poetry Journal, April 13 2023.

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