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Timothy Daly

Timothy Daly

Born: June 26 1992 in Harrogate, United Kingdom
Resides: Paris, France
E-mail: drtimothydaly (at) gmail (dot) com

Dr. Timothy Daly was born in the British Isles and reborn in Paris, where he currently lives. He is a nomad in the physical, intellectual, and linguistic sense and juggles life as a researcher working on Alzheimer’s disease, a teacher of language and philosophy, and a writer of short-form poetry and prose.

Selected Work
cold morning . . .
the slow zipping 
of a suitcase
setting sun
photos of us
in a drawer
new book smell . . .
turning the page
on my screen habit
working roadside
in high-vis
Welsh hills
the sun sets 
on my future here
this train window 
a lousy pillow 
―sunlit oak tree


“cold morning” – Stardust Haiku Issue 73, January 2023; “setting sun” – Cold Moon Journal, June 2023; “new book smell” – tsuri-dōrō Issue #17, Sept/Oct 2023; “working roadside” - Modern Haiku vol. 54.3 Autumn 2023; “Welsh hills” - Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn 2023; “this train window” – Modern Haiku vol. 55:1. Winter/Spring 2024.

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