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Sophia Conway

Sophia Conway

Born: UK, United Kingdom
Resides: Vancouver Island, Canada

Sophia Conway is an Irish storyteller and poet residing on Vancouver Island, Canada, who takes inspiration from nature, the human experience, her Christian faith, and her son. Her poetry has been published in numerous journals and anthologies, and she performs spoken-word poetry performances and leads haiku workshops. Her micro chapbook Crumbs & Constellations: A Haiku Story was published by the Origami Poems Project.

Selected Work
cluster of crows
rising and falling above the treeline
a dance of omens
coffee bean clusters
growing in the california sun
soon, a better season
embers rise from this
dying fire to meet a roaring
quickening dawn
ribbon of bright light
the struggle and spreading of
this hopeful spring dawn
star shaped crackers
my son's mouth full of
crumbling constellations
spiralling, rising
blossoms on a resurrected


“cluster of crows”; “coffee bean clusters”; “embers rise from this”; “ribbon of bright light”; “star shaped crackers”; “spiralling, rising” – The Origami Poetry Project's micro-chapbook crumbs & constellations: a haiku story 2024.

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