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Mike White

Mike White

Born: in Montreal Quebec, Canada
Resides: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
E-mail: mpw3 (at) utah (dot) edu

Originally from Montreal, Mike White now lives in Salt Lake City and teaches at the University of Utah. He has published two prize-winning collections of poems: How to Make a Bird with Two Hands (Word Works, 2012) and Addendum to a Miracle (Waywiser, 2017). His poems have appeared in journals including Ploughshares, Poetry, The New Republic, The Threepenny Review, The Kenyon Review, Rattle, Modern Haiku, Frogpond, and The Heron’s Nest .

Awards and Other Honors:

Shortlisted for a 2020 Touchstone Award; 2nd Place in the 2020 Martin Lucas Haiku Award (Presence).

Books Published:

How to Make a Bird with Two Hands (Word Works, 2012); Addendum to a Miracle (Waywiser, 2017).

Work Anthologised:

Haiku 2022 edited by Scott Metz & Lee Gurga (Modern Haiku Press, 2022); string theory: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2021 edited by Jim Kacian and the Red Moon Editorial Staff (Red Moon Press, 2022).

Selected Work
moss-grown stone
a daughter’s age
in days
snow angel
the wings still
a good fit
we let her talk to
the wrong gravestone
relearning to walk
shells this far
from the ocean
saying yes
to east and west
gathering dusk
an oil pump jack’s
Jurassic shadow


“moss-grown stone” – Frogpond Vol. 43.3, Autumn 2020; “snow angel” – tinywords 20.2, January 2021; “forget-me-nots” – Frogpond Vol. 44.1, Winter 2021; “relearning to walk” – The Heron’s Nest Vol. XXIII, No.1, March 2021; “saying yes” – Modern Haiku vol. 52.3, Autumn 2021; “gathering dusk” – Presence #75, March 2023.

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