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Katherine E. Winnick

Katherine E. Winnick

Born: July 11 1968 in Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom
Resides: Brighton, United Kingdom
E-mail: katherinewinnick (dot) wk (at) gmail (dot) com

Katherine is a Japanese short form poet published across ten countries in various journals, ezines, magazines, and anthologies. She is Co-Editor / Curator & Proofreader at The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press.

Books Published:
Work Anthologised: Cascade of Words edited by Mike Richardson (Cascade Press UK 2018); Feathers for Hena compiled by Alta H Mabin (Sakura Press South Africa 2022); Poems from the Rising Sun (Sakura Press South Africa 2022); Hope is a Group Project (The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press Spain 2022); Little Thorns at the back of the Throat are the hardest to Remove (Sunday Mornings at the River Holland 2022); Funeral for a Womb (Sunday Mornings at the River Holland 2022); Moonink Tanka Anthology (Moonink UK 2022); Water Anthology (British Haiku Society UK 2022); Heart Clasps : Soul Sinks (Spectrum India 2022); Poetry Diary 2023 (Sunday Mornings at the River Holland 2022); Querencia Winter Anthology 23 (Querencia Press 2023); In Sun, Snow and Rain (British Haiku Society 2023).

Selected Work
autumn moon
fireflies gather 
on the screen door
the constancy 
of weeping wisteria 
―blue moon
drenched beneath
raining ricepaper
dipping into ink
the lotus flower blossoms 
in the moonlight
river stones
the echo
of the dogs bark
beneath the bough
of the cherry blossom tree
I meditate


“autumn moon”; “the constancy” – Plum Tree Tavern, November, 2022; “drenched beneath” – Under the Basho & Plum Tree Tavern, 2022; “dipping into ink” – The Mainichi, January 13th, 2023; “river stones” – Hedgerow #140, 2023; “beneath the bough” – Poets Unlimited Magazine, May 2022 & Haiku Pea Podcast, 2018.

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