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Billy Guerriero

Billy Guerriero

Born: March 30 1969 in Boston Massachusetts, USA
Resides: Denver, Colorado, USA
E-mail: billeguerriero (at) gmail (dot) com

Billy Guerriero is an editor and photographer based in Denver, Colorado. His poems have appeared in Modern Haiku, bottle rockets and failed haiku.

Awards and Other Honors:

Nominated for a 2022 Touchstone Award for Individual Poems.

Selected Work
railyard morning
birds sing on collapsed 
rooftops of rain
pay day
shirt pockets
full of plums
my side of the story blackbirds all around
tossing dice
the voices of those 
who know each other


“railyard morning” – bottle rockets #47, August 2022; “pay day” – Modern Haiku Vol. 53.3, Autumn 2022; “my side” – Modern Haiku Vol. 54.1, Winter 2023; “tossing dice” – failed haiku Vol. 8, Issue 85, December 2022.

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