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Silvia Bistocchi

Silvia Bistocchi

Born: 1982 in Foligno Umbria, Italy
Resides: Central, Italy
E-mail: lucreziasilvia (at) gmail (dot) com

Silvia Bistocchi was born in Foligno, in the lush Umbrian countryside, in 1982. She is a lover of nature, of cats that can never be missing by her side, and that has always been a great source of inspiration, for trekking and writing, passions that accompany her work in Public Administration. Interest in haiku poetry, she has been writing and composing verses for about a year. Her haiku have been published in the main international magazines dedicated to the genre and in national Japanese newspapers: The Mainichi, Haikuniverse, The Asahi Shimbun, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, The Haiku Foundation, Failed Haiku, Under The Bashō, Haiku in Action, Japan Society, Cold Moon Journal, Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal, Dadakuku, Haiku Column and in Memoirs of a geisha multiblog


Awards and Other Honors:

Second place in the national haiku poetry competition organized by "La Luna e il vigneto", 2023 edition.

Selected Work
lead drops―
on the Ukrainian countryside
snow falls
the deliveryman's shirt 
soaked in rain
Nocturnal truce
The overturned helmet 
full of snow
shooting star―
the light trail
of a snail
mimosa in bloom―
many little moons
on the marsh
the invisible words
of the mountain


“lead drops” – Scarlet Dragonfly Journal Issue No. 9, Dec. 2022; “rainbow” – The Japan Society Haiku Corner, week 15, April 2023; “Nocturnal truce” – Scarlet Dragonfly Journal Issue No.10, Jan. 2023; “shooting star” – The Mainichi, Jan. 10, 2023; “mimosa in bloom” – Scarlet Dragonfly Journal Issue No.12, March 2023; "spring" -Under the Bashō, April 2, 2023.

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