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Allison Douglas-Tourner

Allison Douglas-Tourner

Born: in Edmonton Alberta, Canada
Resides: Victoria, BC, Canada
E-mail: a (dot) douglastourner (at) gmail (dot) com

Allison Douglas-Tourner believes in the importance of small things. "To experience the small things in life fully is to accept and appreciate life as it is moment by moment." She lives in Victoria BC with her husband and her cat.

Awards and Other Honors:

Twice awarded the Judges' Choice Award Poetry Pea Journal in 2021; Sakura Award for BC Vancouver International Cherry Blossom Festival 2022.

Selected Work
we wander 
in the rose garden
pollen on your nose
distant airplane
sleeping cat
follows with her ears
side by side
shelling peas
scent of fresh-cut grass
dust bunnies
all the same colour
as the cat
the gentle touch
of sunlight on stone
a tiny pair of shoe
back of the fridge―
the plums that were
so sweet and so cold


“we wander” – Haikuniverse, June 5, 2020; “distant airplane” – Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2021; “side by side” – Poetry Pea Journal, Summer 2021; “dust bunnies” – tsuri-dōrō Issue #6, Nov/Dec 2021; “the gentle touch” – The Heron's Nest Vol. XXIV, No 4: Dec. 2022, “back of the fridge” – Presence Issue #74, 2022.

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