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Palitha Senarathna

Palitha Senarathna

Born: in Kirindiwela, Sri Lanka
Resides: Kirindiwela, Sri Lanka

Palitha Senarathna is a poet in Sri Lanka who has published number of books in Sinhala language. Founder and President of Haiku Poetry Association of Sri Lanka, following the Japanese traditional haiku style keeping with the very essence of it. Only teacher in Sri Lanka who teaches haiku poetry. The maiden book in English with Sinhala translations Sri Lankan Haiku - An anthology of haiku poetry is an attempt to showcase Sri Lankan talent to the lovers of haiku poetry in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Books Published:

Sri Lankan haiku - an anthology of haiku poetry, ed. by Palitha Senarathna, translated by Radhika de Silva, Sri Lanka, August 2022.
Other haiku books published by himself in Sinhala language: Haiku Moment, Haiku Heart, Lonely Haiku and Haiku Wings.

Selected Work
Cicadas sing
they need
no listeners!
The party is over
dew drops and moonlight 
on the empty table . . .
Bamboo trees sway in the wind
I watch how leaves
become still one by one!
The old river
how it dies . . .
at the sea!
A water-hen
Limps in the paddy field 
squawking in a disturbed rhythm!
There is a, 
drop of water
in the empty pot!


All poems published in Sri Lankan Haiku - an anthology of haiku poetry, August 2022.

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