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Daniel Birnbaum

Daniel Birnbaum

Born: September 24 1953 in Jerusalem
Resides: France

Daniel Birnbaum is a French doctor, scientist, and seasoned writer of novels, essays, and micro poetry. He has written 30 books (29 in French and 1 in English) of poems, short novels, and haiku and tanka. Aside from French literary journals his poems have appeared in Acorn, Atlas Poetica, Bamboo Hut, Blue Heron Review, Chrysanthemum, Dragon Poet Review, Eucalypt, Failed Haiku, Modern Haiku, One-Sentence Poems, Presence, Red Wolf Journal, Shot Glass Journal, Stardust Haiku, Skylark, Sonic Boom, Three Line Poetry and World Haiku Review.

Books Published:

The colour of shadow, Alba Publishing, UK, 2019.

Selected Work
lunch break in a park
the heads of the pigeons
frozen cascade
the veins of winter
under the tree
sitting there waiting
trumpet solo
carving the air
with memories
the sparrow against the window
my reflex
to close its eyes
towards the end
a little more bent
the pathway


“lunch break in a park” - Acorn issue 40, Spring 2018; “frozen cascade” - World Haiku Review (UK), April 2018 and in the Anthology of the 10th anniversary of the re-launch of WHR, 2018; “under the tree” - Sonic Boom issue 13, Dec. 2018. Nominated for The Haiku Foundation “Touchstone Award” 2018; “trumpet solo” - Frogpond vol. 42.1, Winter 2019; “the sparrow against the window” - The Mainichi, Dec. 9, 2021; “towards the end” - Presence n°63, 2019.

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