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Jim Laurila

Jim Laurila

Born: August 31 1963 in Attleboro Massachusetts, USA
Resides: Florence, Massachusetts, USA
E-mail: jimandlin1 (at) verizon (dot) net

Jim is a haiku poet living in Western Massachusetts. He's a professional engineer who manages the public water supply for 250,000 people when he's not writing poetry.

Books Published:

Work Anthologised:
Haiku 2015 edited by by Scott Metz & Lee Gurga, Modern Haiku Press, 2015; They Gave Us Life: Celebrating Mothers, Fathers & Others in Haiku, ed. Robert Epstein Middle Island Press 2017.

Selected Work
childless . . .
the long walk home
holding farm fresh eggs
reaching into the milkbox
for a whiffle ball
summer sun
the smell of an
unlit cigarette 
dad as a young man
family reunion 
she slips into 
her childhood accent
putting away 
the last clothespin 
bare trees
November dusk
a beaver glides 
the paddleboat pond


“childless” - Kingfisher issue #4, October 2021; “reaching into” - Modern Haiku vol. 51.3 Autumn 2020; “the smell of” - Frogpond vol. 37:3 Autumn 2014; “family reunion” - tinywords issue 22:1, April 6, 2022; “putting away” - bottle rockets issue #44 (22:2), 2021; “November dusk” - Modern Haiku vol. 41:1, Winter 2018.

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