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Mark Teaford

Mark Teaford

Born: in Union City Indiana,, USA
Resides: Napa, California, USA
E-mail: teafordmark (at) gmail (dot) com

Mark Teaford is a biological anthropologist and anatomist, and he has taught at the University of Illinois, Johns Hopkins University, High Point University, and Touro University. Throughout his career, he’s taught anatomy to medical students, and anatomy and biological anthropology to undergraduates. He is a past Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Human Evolution, and a past Vice President of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, and he recently received the American Association for Anatomy’s highest educational honor, The Henry Gray Distinguished Educator Award. When not teaching, he enjoys doing research on teeth, fossils, and primates, and he derives great pleasure from photography and poetry.

Books Published:

Staring at the Midnight Sky, Red Moon Press, 2020.

Selected Work
nothing to hide
the eyes of a child
on chemotherapy
mid-term elections 
the scent of wild mint 
and cow patties in the field
the plunk 
of my lure 
. . . nothing else
planting a rose 
in that space 
in his life
by your silence 
first snowfall
kinkajou eyeshine
blinks and vanishes
leaving me in the dark


“nothing to hide” - Simply Haiku Vol. 4, No. 3 Autumn, 2006; “mid-term elections” - failed haiku Vol. 3, Issue 34, Sept. 2018; “the plunk” - Frogpond vol. 42:3 fall 2019; “planting a rose” - Geppo Journal Vol. XLVII.2, Feb.-April 2022; “surprised” - hedgerow #132, October 2020; kinkajou eyeshine - Simply Haiku Vol. 4, No. 2, Summer 2006.

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