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Juliet Wilson

Juliet Wilson

Born: in Salford England, United Kingdom
Resides: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Juliet lives in Edinburgh where she is an adult education tutor, wildlife surveyor and conservation volunteer. Her haiku, longer poetry and short stories have been widely published.

Books Published:

Unthinkable Skies, Calder Wood Press (2010), Bougainvillea Dancing, self published (2002).

Selected Work
drifting petals―
thinking of myself
in old age
peace conference―
cherry trees
in bud
lightning above
the Mediterranean―
scent of jasmine
neon lights
the aurora borealis
gathering clouds―
flowers from a stranger
on his wife's grave
rain clouds
the scent of lime flowers


“drifting petals” - Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, May 11, 2022; “peace conference” - International Sakura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Contest 2019; “lightning above” - Breadcrumbs 2020 (Breadcrumb #646, Nov. 27, 2020); “neon lights” - hedgerow #109, 2017; “gathering clouds” - failed haiku, Vol. 5 Issue 50, Jan., 2020; “rain clouds” - Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn 2019.

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