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Elena Malec

Elena Malec

Born: July 31 1954 in Bucharest, Romania
Resides: Irvine, California, USA
E-mail: elenamalec (at) gmail (dot) com

Elena Malec is a philologist by trade, fine artist and poet by choice. Elena published literary criticism and essays in Romania, poetry, prose and essays in the United States. She lives with her husband, Professor Emeritus, in Southern California where she dedicates to writing, painting, making rag dolls and fine cooking.

Books Published:

Mugur de haiku (Romanian Edition), CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2015; Haiku - Ikebana, CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2017.

Selected Work
dry straw for grabs
pair of swallows
with a purpose
behind the front lines
swallowtail resting
on a blue and yellow kite
rose water drink
getting younger
with every cup
May Day
the queen celebrates
the worker bees
sap green leeks
the watercolor tube
almost empty
single branch ikebana . . .
shadows of furry catkins
on an empty wall


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