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Michael Battisto

Michael Battisto

Born: in Chicago Illinois, USA
Resides: Oakland, California, USA
E-mail: michaelbattisto (at) gmail (dot) com

Michael Battisto writes haiku as well as many other forms of poetry. He has work that can be found or forthcoming in The Normal School, HAD, Poet Lore, Flypaper Lit, Frogpond, and elsewhere. He has lived in many places, but now he lives in Oakland. You can find him on Twitter @mbattisto3.

Selected Work
not enough hospital beds:
winter sky
imagine the sound of rain
to the snail
inside its shell
the moonlight was enough
to watch the elk drink
from across the pond
bouquet of wild asters:
I carry the evening
signing divorce papers
beside the door we painted
hyacinth blue
august light
in the field your pale hand
showing me feverfew


“again” - hedgerow #137, 2021; “imagine the sound of rain” - tinywords issue 21.1, 2021; “the moonlight was enough” - Frogpond vol. 43.3, Autumn 2020; “bouquet of wild asters” - Frogpond vol. 44:3, Autumn 2021; “signing divorce papers” - Kingfisher Journal #5, 2022; “august light” - Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 4:2, Spring, Summer 2021.

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