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Fritz Schaper

Fritz Schaper

Born: in Olney, Maryland, USA
Resides: Montgomery County, Maryland, USA
E-mail: fritzindc (at) gmail (dot) com

Fritz Schaper is an artist, poet, author and podcaster – he began writing Haiku poetry commenting on pop and consumer culture to feature on his podcast The Frank The Unicorn Radio Program and to date has published 3 Haiku Pop books.

Books Published:

‎Independently published: Haiku Pop (2017); Haiku Pop 2: Dueces (2018); Modern Beatnik (2020); Her Vagina: A Book of Jokes (2020); How Unicorn Are You? The Book of The Drinking Game from The Classic Podcast The Frank The Unicorn Radio Program; Haiku Pop 3: HP3D (2021).

Selected Work
Star Wars was ruined
When I found out Stormtroopers
Were all child soldiers
Sand People may hide
Their numbers but they never
Hide their emotions
Swayze the legend
The feather of your mullet
Inspires us all
Swayze sweet Swayze
Your spin kicks define beauty
How we see violence


from Haiku Pop

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