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Maurice Nevile

Maurice Nevile

Born: , New Zealand
Resides: Canberra, Australia

Maurice Nevile began writing and publishing haiku and senryu in 2021. His poems have appeared in the journals cattails, Failed Haiku, Feral: A journal of Poetry and Art, Frogpond, Troutswirl (The Haiku Foundation's blog, Haiku Dialogue), Kingfisher, Modern Haiku, Presence, Prune Juice, Stardust, The Bamboo Hut, Wales Haiku Journal, the 2021 New Zealand Poetry Society Anthology, and in Australia in Echidna Tracks and at the website of the Australian Haiku Society.
He is an academic editor, having previously been an academic in the social sciences, holding positions in Australia, Denmark, and Finland. He researched and published on the systematic character of naturally occurring language and social interaction, especially in settings of professional collaboration as diverse as commercial and military aviation (i.e. cockpit talk), design, forklift truck driving, and dressmaking. His most recent co-edited books examined the role of material objects, and multiactivity (multitasking), in social interaction. Away from writing Maurice enjoys travel, board games, walking, cinema, and appreciating art and architecture.

Selected Work
early bulbs
such vibrant colors
she left us
the blues
of a quilted sea
I dive into dreams
in a shell
in my hand
the ocean
the effort
to be light―
windy wetland
a wave of reeds
shushes us
at home
at the hospice
first daffodils


“early bulbs” - Modern Haiku vol. 52:3, Autumn 2021; “the blues” - Echidna Tracks #7, 2021; “in a shell” - Stardust Haiku Issue 54, July 2021; “the effort” - cattails, October 2021; “windy wetland” - The Bamboo Hut #3, 2021; “at home” - Presence #71, 2021.

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