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Marius Alexandru

Marius Alexandru

Born: in Arad, Romania
Resides: Chicago, Illinois, USA
E-mail: marius_alex (at) yahoo (dot) com

Marius Alexandru, born and raised in Arad, Romania, came to the United States in 1997, where he currently lives with his wife.
His passion for poetry started as a child, and he has been writing poetry since his adolescence.
He is the author of a few Romanian Christian poetry books, including Fosnetul Pasilor din Duzi, Scaldati in Susurul Bland al Harului, Doruri Sfinte, and English poetry Ring of Fire, Reflection of Thoughts, and many other poems published in poetry anthologies during the years, in both Romanian and English languages.

Awards and Other Honors:

First place at The Poetic Art Festival-Art for Life Association, Arad, Romania , March 2017; First place in The National Poetry Recital Contest, Moldova "LIMBA ROMÂNA E FLOARE DIVINA", August 2020.

Books Published:

Ring of Fire, self-published, 2020; Reflection of Thoughts, self-published, 2021.

Selected Work
gone through some changes
got my beauty from the pain―
little precious pearl
honey sunshine rays
a sweet kiss to my coffee―
delightful morning
warm stillness―
table of silence
last supper
resting in the snow
country cottage blowing smoke
a cozy fireplace
in the wintertime
apart and yet together
the leader trees way
morning stars reflect
the floating gold candlesticks―
water lilies' dance


"gone through"; "honey sunshine rays" - Reflection of Thoughts, 2021; warm stillness"; "resting in the snow -, 2021; "in the wintertime"; "morning stars reflect" -, 2022.

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