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Eva Zimet

Eva Zimet

Born: in New York NY, USA
Resides: Vermont, USA
E-mail: eva (dot) zimet (at) gmail (dot) com

Eva is a teaching artist, writer and illustrator. She works with interpersonal dynamics in professional development, recovery and education communities, drawing on improvisational skill sets and the practice of Argentine tango. Born in New York City, Eva now lives in Vermont, US.

Books Published:

The Lost Grip, poetry collection, writer/illustrator (Rootstock Publishing 2020); Lucy Dancer, a children’s picture book, writer/illustrator (Rootstock Publishing 2019).

Selected Work
iron-barred window
so high up beyond reach
birds call out there
more likely than not,
a rock will stay where it’s put
a person might choose

Credits: "iron-barred window" - Haiku Journal Nov. 2021; "more likely than not" - Haiku Crush 2021 Anthology

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