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Lisa Anne Johnson

Lisa Anne Johnson

Born: Colorado, USA
Resides: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
E-mail: trashpandahaiku (at) protonmail (dot) com

Lisa is a retired biologist and the founding editor of Trash Panda Haiku, a biannual print journal for the poetic expression of real life in the Anthropocene. Trash Panda is a home for English haiku/senryu and similar short form poetry of 17 syllables or less that doesn't shy away from the truth of the decline of nature.

Selected Work
cigarette evening―
fireflies relinquish
the sky to the stars
knowing when
to take off the mask
peony blossom
I can't empty it
still sitting by his bedside
a glass of water
missing paint
where our headboard
used to bump
the lake's breath
spreading across the water
black flies
shaking her 
upside down
piggybank earth


“cigarette evening” - The Mainichi, October 26, 2020; “knowing when” - Mayfly Issue 71, Summer 2021; “I can't empty it” - Frogpond Vol. 43:1, Winter 2020; “missing paint” - Modern Haiku Vol. 52.1, Winter-Spring 2020; “the lake's breath” - Kingfisher Issue 3, April 2021; ”shaking her” - #Femkumag Issue 28, January 2021.

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