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Sherry Grant

Sherry Grant

Born: in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Resides: Auckland, New Zealand
E-mail: sherrygrantpoetry (at) gmail (dot) com

Sherry Grant is an NZ concert pianist, cellist and poet. Originally from Taiwan, she started writing poems in June 2020 and within a year, wrote over 2000 poems and has been published by many journals. The author of Bat Girl (co-authored by her then 6-year-old daughter Zoe), her first book of poetry launched at her first writing anniversary, Sherry is working on several more poetry collections including a special rengay anthology to mark its 30th year.

She is currently the International/National Communities Outreach Officer at the New Zealand Poetry Society and has a passion to collaborate with creative minds of various art forms. Sherry has been invited to present a rengay workshop at the 2021 Haiku Society of America virtual conference and is actively promoting short form poetry within New Zealand and around the world.

Sherry is a busy mom of four and apart from writing poems, also performs in music recitals.

Awards and Other Honors:

Sherry Grant was short listed at the 2020 NZ Heritage Literary Awards.

Selected Work
her complaint
seed by seed
I tiptoe into your dream as moth
fresh mint
under plum blossoms
stolen kisses
crossing over . . .
in this stillness
the wind’s shiver
I feel like biting
baby’s first word
in sleep


“watermelon” - Chrysanthemum Issue 29, April 2021; “I tiptoe” - The Blo͞o Outlier Journal, Winter Christmas Eve Special Issue #1, 2020; “fresh mint” - Asahi Shimbun (ASAHI HAIKUIST NETWORK) March 5, 2021; “crossing over” - Otoroshi Journal Issue 1, Spring 2021; “mosquitoes” - Cattails April Issue, 2021; “baby’s first word” - Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2021.

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