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Kamrun Nahar

Kamrun Nahar

Born: in Dhaka, Bangladesh
E-mail: evauiu (at) gmail (dot) com

Kamrun Nahar published short stories, poems, feature articles both in Bengali and English languages. Her story has been published in the book compilation named Ten Square in the national book fair of Bangladesh in 2020. Her Bangla poems have been published in web pages, daily newspapers and magazines in Bangladesh and India. She is a published haiku writer and her haiku is published under Under the Bashō, Cafe Haiku, Failed Haiku and Cold Moon Journal. Her free verse poems were published in the international anthologies Pandemic poetry 2020 & Paradise on Earth.

Books Published:

Ten Square - pendulum publishers, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Feb. 24, 2020
Work Anthologised:
Pandemic poetry 2020 - Brosis publishers & distributors, Delhi, India, Jan. 1, 2020; Paradise on Earth - Third Eye Butterfly Press, Orlando, USA, March 18, 2021.

Selected Work
can't show
my golden teeth . . .
surgical mask
a single dot . . .
can stop
a beautiful thought
dog days . . .
a raven calls a meeting 
with robin
rainbow reflects in water
but someone 
chucks a stone


“can't show” - Under the Bashō, Sept. 2020 (Modern Haiku section); “a single dot” - Failed Haiku Journal Vol. 6, Issue 62, Feb. 2021; “dog days” - Failed Haiku Vol. 6, Issue 65, May 2021; “rainbow reflects in water” - Cold Moon Journal, April 2021.

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