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Joe Sebastian

Joe Sebastian

Born: December 26 1964 in Kerala, India
Resides: Chennai, India

A Gold medallist post graduate in Political Science and International Relations and serving the Government of India as Principal Commissioner of Income-Tax, has recently penned a collection of haiku poetry titled Myriad Musings. He lives in Chennai, India, with his wife, daughter, son and a Golden Retriever. His work has been accepted/published in various international journals including The Wales Haiku Journal, Creatrix, Cold Moon Journal, Presence, Haikuniverse, Dylan Thomas Anthology, Troutswirl (The Haiku Foundation blog), The Asahi Shimbun, Muse India, Haiku Xpressions, The Akitsu Quarterly, Failed Haiku, The Bamboo Hut, Poetry Pea, The Sunflower Collective, Stardust Haiku and some others.
His other interests include travelling, music, organic farming /gardening and its advocacy and conduct of sports and games for the mentally challenged.

Awards and Other Honors:

Honoured by the Special Olympics Bharat for my contribution to sports and games for the mentally challenged.

Books Published:

Myriad Musings - Authors Press, New Delhi, India (2020).

Selected Work
deeper than the 
hoot of snowy owls
winter solitude
lawyer’s notice
her side of the bed
long unruffled
movie date
her hand meets his
in spiced popcorn
curvy barmaid
asking her number 
with a straight face
from the nostril
of the Buddha 
a line of ants
taro leaf
mountain waltzes
in a droplet


“deeper than the” - Wales Haiku Journal Spring Issue, 2021; “lawyer’s notice” - Haikuniverse, April 17th, 2021; “movie date” - Haiku Xpressions, July Issue, 2021; “curvy barmaid”, “from the nostril”- failed haiku Vol. 6 Issue 65, May 2021; “taro leaf” - Presence Issue 70, 2021.

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