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Bee Jay

Bee Jay

Born: February 01 1982 in Melbourne, Australia
Resides: Kew, Australia
E-mail: beejayhai (at) gmail (dot) com

Bee Jay is an emerging poet who was first published in the Australian haiku journal Creatrix in September 2017. He is the administrator of the Facebook group ‘sharing haiku knowledge’.

Awards and Other Honors:

Commended, 2018 Creatrix Prize.

Selected Work
tall blonde . . .
even moonlight falls  
for her
a dead leaf hangs
off the indoor plant
job interview
wild roses
she catches him kissing
her sister
he cannot recall
his mother's face
tangled seaweed
suicide note
mist gathers around
the street light
spider on my wall
every day the death count


“tall blonde” - Chrysanthemum #23, April 2018; “a dead leaf hangs” - hedgerow #123, Spring 2018; “wild roses” - Frogpond Vol 41:2 Spring/Summer 2018; “he cannot recall” - Under The Basho: Modern Haiku 2018; “suicide note” - Scryptic Issue 2:1 June 2018; “spider on my wall” - Prune Juice Issue 33, March 2021.

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