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Germina Melius

Germina Melius

Born: , Saint Lucia
Resides: , Saint Lucia

Germina Melius is an emerging writer, Book Reviewer, and Genealogical Research Assistant from the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Her literary work has been featured in The Caribbean Writer Magazine, Business Focus Saint Lucia, Inner Child Press' Anthology (writers for humanity), PoetryandCovid, Haiku Corner, The Haiku Foundation blog: Troutswirl, World Haiku Anthology 2021, and Failed Haiku. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, photography, helping others and spending time with her family.

Books Published: Haiku In Nature self published on February 25, 2021

Selected Work
Basket of mangoes
is pouring from the summit
pecking feet and earth
Watching a rooster
grey finch in a tall mango tree
neither will be caught
A worldly nest vast
hawks in pursuit lay their heads
ants build brown houses
stalking bees
birds on petals


“Basket of mangoes”; “Watching a rooster”; “A worldly nest vast” - Ginyu Magazine, Issue No. 90 / World Haiku Anthology 2021, No. 17; “desperados” - Failed Haiku Vol. 6, Issue No. 65, May 2021.

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