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Deborah Karl-Brandt

Deborah Karl-Brandt

Born: 1981 in Siegen, Germany
Resides: Bonn, Germany

Deborah Karl-Brandt lives in Bonn with her husband, two rabbits and numerous books. After her PhD studies in Scandinavian languages and literatures, she works as a freelance author and poet. Her poems have been published in anthologies, yearbooks, calendars and journals.

Awards and Other Honors:

Haiku-Agenda 2021 (best 70 haiku by contemporary poets); Eighth Edition of The Haiku Contest Sharpening The Green Pencil 2019 (commended); The 9th Polish International Haiku Competition 2019 (commended).

Selected Work
ivy vines . . .
overgrows the angel
on her grave
end of summer
some sand trickles out
from the book
lemon cake
melting on her tongue
her anger
a single poppy between
cherry branches
it´s getting brighter
in the flat
at the café
the silence
above the displays


“ivy vines” - #FemkuMag #28, Jan. 2021; “end of summer“- Frogpond vol. 43:2 spring/summer 2020; “lemon cake“- Chrysanthemum 27, April 2020; “loneliness“- Frogpond vol. 43:3, fall 2020; “cherry branches“ - Under the Basho, 2020; “at the café“ - Failed Haiku Vol. 5, Issue 55, July 2020.

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