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Mihaela Băbuşanu

Mihaela Băbuşanu

Born: March 12 in Băbuşa/Băceşti Vaslui County, Romania
Resides: Bacău, Romania
E-mail: dragoneasa (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Bachelor Degree in Museology and History; Member of the Union of the Professional Journalists from Romania; Expert in Memoir Goods.
Literary Debutes: The Fourth Day is part of a the collective volume, published in 2005 in Iași, as a result of the participation within the Poetry Contest „The Poetry of the Youth”; Local debute in 2006, in Ateneu Journal and in Forma Journal.
Publications in many cultural journals such as: Plumb, Ateneu, 13 Plus, Oglinda literară, Meridianul, Cadran cultural, Convorbiri literare, Albatross, Capoliveri haiku (Italy), Ploc (France), Dor de dor, Ateneu, Banchetul, Alternanţe (Germany), Boema, Meridianul cultural românesc, Răsunetul, and others.
Since 2014 Mihaela has organized in Bacău the Haiku festival „Japan, Far and Close from Bacău” that every year, thanks to several collaborations, brings something new, attractive for those who participate: photo expositions of haiku, National Contests of Haiku poetry, traditional Japanese dances, the ceremonial of tea, ikebana, haiku volume releases, etc.

Awards and Other Honors:

Journal „PLUMB” Award and „Octavian Voicu” Bacău Association Award for the debute volume Adevărata fericire / True happiness, October 2011; Amurg sentimental Journal Award for poetry for participating within the Contest of Literary Creation Vara visurilor mele/ Summer of my dreams (2012); Journal „PLUMB” Award and „Octavian Voicu” Bacău Association Award for the poetry volume Cu Mercur în exi / With Mercury in Exile, 2016; Second place Award at the National Haiku Contest Dumitru Radu, August 2019; The „Alexandru Ionescu” Award for poetry, awarded Meridianul Cultural Românesc, from Vaslui County in occasion of the National Simposium Omagiu cărţii şi culturii vasluiene / Homage to the Book and Culture from Vaslui 6th Edition, October 2019; Fourth Place Award at the International Haiku Contest, with the theme „Lighthouse”, organised by the Haiku Society from Constanța, August 2020; other awards for Japanese poetry (haiku and senryu) at the contests organized by the Romanian Kukai, Lyrical Flashes, etc.

Books Published:

Adevărata fericire / True happiness - Editura "Pro Plumb", Bacău, 2010, România, (transl. into English by Irene Stanciu Cojocaru); Stejarul cu flori de cireş (haiku) - Editura „Derzis Eruditio”, Bacău, 2014, Romania (transl. into English by Irene Stanciu Cojocaru); Femeia bonsai (haiku) - Editura „Ateneul Scriitorilor”, Bacău, 2015, Romania; Cu Mercur în exil (poetry) - Editura „Ateneul Scriitorilor”, Bacău, 2016, Romania; Dragoneasa (poetry) - Editura „Ateneul Scriitorilor”, Bacău, 2019, Romania.
Mentions and contributions in Journals, Dictionaries and Literary Anthologies: 366 lessons of Haiku; Haiku authors from Romania; Capoliveri Haiku (Italy); Dichters Landshaften (Germany); Pages from the history of the Romanian Haiku; Plumb Anthology 600; White Chronicles on Black; Selective Library (by Valeria Manta Tăicuţu); Personalities from Bacău (by Cornel Galben); Personalities from Vaslui (by Dumitru V Marin); Conversations without additionals II (by Cornel Galben); Poets of Bacău at the beggining of the millenium: debutes 2000-2010 (by Cornel Galben); Counting the Cranes, 2018, in Poetry at the column Haiku Library (by Marius Chelaru), 2014; Literary Conversations (by Marius Chelaru), 2018.

Selected Work
apricot blossom―
only grandma’s days
coming to an end
it’s the Easter day―
in sour-cherry orchard
cuckoo signs again
alone in the night―
just the sound of a cricket
is left as comfort
there's the widow's house―
knotgrass and morning glory
all over the yard
blowing from the woods
pussy willow scented wind―
sign of rain to come
in early morning―
the kimono shaped shadow
here in my tea cup


“apricot blossom” - Albatros No. 33, 2021, Editura Ex Ponto, Constanta; “it’s the Easter day“; “alone in the night“; “there's the widow's house“; “blowing from the woods“; “in early morning“ - Stejarul cu flori de cireş / The Cherry Blossom Oak Tree, Editura Derzis Eruditio, Bacău (2014).

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