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Michael Dudley

Michael Dudley

Resides: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: mandalakoan (at) hotmail (dot) com

Michael Dudley was born in downtown Toronto and reared in Scarborough; for 35 years he lived and worked in rural Southwestern Ontario. Haiku has been his poetry of choice for over 40 years. In 2017, pilgrimage, a revised and expanded volume of his selected haiku, was published by Red Moon Press.

Awards and Other Honors:

Eminent Mention and Clement Hoyt Memorial Award - Modern Haiku, 1980; Haiku Broadside Winner - The Red Pagoda, 1987; Honourable Mention pilgrimage - Haiku Society of America Book Awards, 2006; Canada Sakura Award - Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, 2018; Third Prize – 23rd Kusamakura Haiku Contest, 2018; Editor's Choice - World Haiku Review, 2020; Highly Commended - 5th Annual H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest, 2020; Runner-up - The Haiku Calendar Competition, Snapshot Press, 2020; Second Place - The Perrot Library Haiku Contest, 2020; The Haiku Foundation "Book of the Week": Car Won't Start, with Dorothy Howard, August 18, 2014 and Growing through the Dark, February 24, 2020.

Books Published:

Published Collections: Nature, Etc. - Bug Press, Guelph, 1977; Roasted Chestnuts - High/Coo Press, Battle Gound,1979; On a Ledge of Light - Swamp Press, Oneonta,1980; To the Editor, Letters - Gronk Press, Toronto, 1982; Through the Green Fuse - High/Coo Press, 1983; Series Three through Six - Wind Chimes Press, Glen Burnie, 1986; A Man in a Motel Room - High/Coo Press, 1986; Broadside - The Red Pagoda, 1987; Car Won't Start (with Dorothy Howard) - Proof Press, Aylmer, 1995; Through the Ha8z (with Dorothy Howard) - Proof Press, 1995; Growing through the Dark - King's Road Press, Pointe Claire, 1995; Searching the Shore (with Elizabeth St Jacques) - Proof Press, 1996; Returning - Proof Press, 1996; Uproar - Haiku Canada, 2004; Adding Up - pawEprint, Napanee, 2004; pilgrimage - Red Moon Press, Winchester, 2005 and 2017; From Kanata Canada - Haiku Canada, 2017.
Recent Anthologies: Gift of Silence: A Haiku Tribute to Leonard Cohen - Editions des petits nuages, 2018; At the Water's Edge - Haiku Canada, 2019; Haiku Contest Favourites - E-Book, Turtle Light Press, 2019; A Moment's Longing - Haiku Society of America, 2019; Most/The Bridge - Croatian Writers' Association, 2019; Samobor Darko Plazanin - Matica Hrvatska, 2019 and 2020; World Haiku Association Anthology - Coal Sack Publishing Company, 2019 and 2020; Bundled Wildflowers - Haiku Society of America, 2020; The Helping Hand Haiku Anthology - Middle Island Press, 2020; Moving Forward - Haiku Canada, 2020; Pula Film Festival Haiku Anthology - Kino Valli, 2020; Rattled - Bicadeideias Publishing, 2020; Smoke from my Candle - Haiku Canada, 2020; The Signature Haiku Anthology - Middle Island Press, 2020; The Wanderer Brush - Red Moon Press, 2020; Triveni Haikai Calendar - INhaiku, 2021; The Haiku Calendar - Snapshot Press, 2021.

Selected Work
hoisting granite⁓
            at the end how little
                            my father weighed
  high-rise condo 
   shadow segments 
          the sacred
   burial ground
each mindful crease
                     of the origami crane
       August morning
        the taxidermist hoses down
                                a polar bear hide
         summer gallery
footpath splatter abstract 
                    of burst mulberries
abandoned farmhouse⁓
                 off the snow-piled roof                                    
                                 gusts of ghosts


“hoisting granite” - The Heron's Nest vol. XXII No:4, Dec. 2020; “high-rise condo“ - Frogpond, vol. 43:3, Fall 2020; “each mindful crease“ - The Heron's Nest, Vol. XX, June 2018; HSA Members' Anthology, 2018; “heatwave“ - pilgrimage, Red Moon Press, 2017; Poetry Pause, League of Canadian Poets, Nov. 20, 2020; “summer gallery“ - Presence #68, Nov. 2020; “abandoned farmhouse“ - pilgrimage, Red Moon Press, 2017; Naviar Records, online, Dec. 2020; Haiku Music Challenge #70.

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