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Mariah Anoceto

Mariah Anoceto

Born: December 30 1992 in West Palm Beach Florida, USA
Resides: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
E-mail: mariahanoceto (at) gmail (dot) com

Mariah Anoceto is an artist and haiku poet based in West Palm Beach, FL. She received a B.A. in English from Flagler College, and teaches Waldorf Education. Her haiga gallery was debuted by Modern Haiku in issue 51.2, Summer 2020. Her haiku has also been published by Frogpond, hedgerow, and the HSA Anthology 2020.

Books Published:

Haiku, Year One) (Chapbook, 2020.

Selected Work
late night homework
he mouths the words
as he writes
new moon
my breath in your small nostrils
summer walk
my nephew still carries
the blue jay feather
summer stillness
my leg with 
one black ant
watching the oak's 
falling leaves
letting go
Mom calls― 
"did you see 
the moon?"


"late night homework" – Frogpond - vol. 43.2 Spring/Summer 2020; "new moon" – Bundled Wildflowers: Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology 2020, ed. Bryan Rickert; "summer walk"; "summer stillness"; "watching the oak's" – Modern Haiku vol. 51.2, Summer 2020; "Mom call"s – hedgerow #131, July 2020.

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