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R. Suresh Babu

R. Suresh Babu

Born: June 02 in Avadi Chennai, India
Resides: Thiruvalla, Kerala, India
E-mail: sureshniranam (at) gmail (dot) com

R. Suresh Babu is a graduate teacher of English and a teacher counsellor in a Government Residential School in India. He is an alumnus of the Regional Institute of Education, Mysuru in India. His works have been published in Cattails, Failed Haiku, Wales Haiku Journal, Akitsu, Presence, Under the Basho, Poetry Pea Journal and Podcast, The Asahi Shimbun, World Haiku Series, The Mamba, Kontinuum, Haikuniverse, Cold Moon Journal, Chrysanthemum, tsuri-dōrō and The Mainichi. He is a contributing writer to the anthology, We Will Not Be Silenced of the Indie Blu(e) Publishing. He has done the art works for the Haiku anthology Bull-Headed, edited by Corine Timmer.

Awards and Other Honors:

Honorable mention, John Bird Dreaming Award for Haiku 2021; Second Prize, Weighing Raindrops Haiku Contest, Glass House Festival; Honorable mention, 75th Bashō Memorial English Haiku Contest, 2021; First Prize, International Haiku Contest, Haiku Society of Constanta, 2020; Winner, World Online Kukai, Kyoto Haiku Project 2021; Honorable Mention, The Monthly Kukai, January 2021, The Haiku Foundation on the theme of Optimism; Honorable Mention, The Monthly Kukai, December 2021,The Haiku Foundation on the theme of Recovery; Third Prize, The Monthly Kukai, October 2020, The Haiku Foundation on the theme of Perseverance.

Selected Work
after the show . . .
the clown laughs
at his wife's jokes
backwaters . . .
a snake boat
cuts through hyacinths
butterfly park . . .
the silence
of flapping wings
spring morning . . .
more marigolds
withering in her wicker basket
letting the ants
cross over
the jain monk
last bell at school . . .
the kindergartener
licks his slate clean


“after the show” - Cattails, April 2020; “backwaters” - Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2020; “butterfly park” - Akitsu Quarterly, Summer 2020; “spring morning” - Presence Issue #68, Nov. 2020; “letting the ants” - Under the Bashō, 2019); “last bell at school” - The Mamba Journal of Africa Haiku Issue 12, Sept. 2021.

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