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Janice Doppler

Janice Doppler

Born: 1948 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA
Resides: Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA

Janice Doppler is a retired school teacher and administrator. On a whim, she attended an introductory haiku workshop at the local senior center and was immediately captivated. Her haiku has been published in journals such as Acorn, Akitsu Quarterly, bottle rockets, First Frost, and Frogpond and haibun in The Haibun Journal, Contemporary Haibun Online, Cattails, and Drifting Sands. If Janice isn’t doing tai chi, watching or carving a bird, nature journaling, or writing poetry, she is studying Chinese philosophy or eating chocolate. She lives at the edge of a forest in Massachusetts.

Awards and Other Honors:

Second Place in 2021 Porad Haiku Contest; Honorable Mention in the Haiku Foundation Monthly Kukai for August 2020; New Jersey Botanical Garden exhibit in April 2021; Canada Haiga Exhibition (scheduled for summer 2021, but postponed).

Books Published: Stardust published by Phacop Publishing (2021).

Selected Work
wildlife refuge
the calls of birds
and boys
winter meadow
all the shades
of brown
winter morning―
children playing
freeze tag
flamingo flock―
the child holds her
frost crystals
sparkle on fur . . .
dead opossum
last day of summer
the scarlet tanager sits
 . . . just sits


“wildlife refuge” - Acorn Issue 47 Fall 2021; “winter meadow“ - Akitsu Quarterly Fall 2021; “winter morning“ — bottle rockets Issue 43 August 2020; “flamingo flock“ — 2nd Place Porad Contest 2021; “frost crystals“ - Frogpond vol. 43:2 Spring/Summer 2020; “last day of summer“ - Kingfisher #2 Spring 2021.

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