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Mihai Michael Moldoveanu

Mihai Michael Moldoveanu

Born: in Cämpina, Romania
Resides: Stevens, Pennsylvania, USA
E-mail: mihaluc (at) icloud (dot) com

Born in Romänia, moved in USA in 2000. Editor In chief of AGRARIA journal in 1990's in Romania.
Two poetry books published in Romania In 2016 by Editura Singur. Also, poetry published in New York Romanian Journal in 2017.

Selected Work
roses in garden―
taste the power of petal
in a little jar
twilight on the pontoon―
the moon pushes the day
after the rush
rainy days―
among the crosses
an old umbrella
high heat―
the skin of a snake
on the fence
fireflies charge
their batteries
on the dusty road
traces of heels


"roses in garden" - The Wide Open Sky ed. Kevin Watt, 2020; "twilight on the pontoon" - First place Romanian Haiku June 2020; rainy days" - Haiku in Action, July 2020; "high heat" - Haikuniverse, August 2020; "campfires"; "pilgrimage" - Under the Basho, September 2020.

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