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Dan Iulian

Dan Iulian

Born: 1955 in Obirsia Olt, Romania
Resides: Bucharest, Romania
E-mail: dan_iulian09 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dan Iulian (the pseudonym of Iulian Ciupitu): Senior researcher in materials science and engineering. Member of the Romanian Kukai Group starting with 2011. Between 1989-2010, several prizes and commendations for poetry in different national contests. Since 2011, the meeting with the world of haiku, following the prizes, honourable mentions and commendations for haiku in English, French, Italian and Romanian languages. In a few years selected to the European Top 100 most creative haiku authors. Published in Mainichi Daily News, Asahi Haikuist Network, World Haiku Review, Sketchbook Journal, Mu-An International Journal of Haiku, Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, NHK Haiku Masters. Also, published in Romanian, French and Italian haiku magazines and anthologies.

Awards and Other Honors:

Grand Prize: 72nd Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest (2018). First Place and Editor's Choice: World Haiku Review (January 2016). Winner: Iris Haiku Magazine Contest-Water for Life (2013). First Prize: Journal of Romanian-Japanese Cultural Interferences Haiku Contest (2020). First Place: Indian Kukai #1 (May 2015) and Indian Kukai #25 (Sept 2018). Second Prize: The Second Annual Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award (2012); III International Haiku Contest for the Award "Radmila Bogojevic"(2019); Diogen Summer Haiku Competition, Haiku Section (2013); Indian Kukai #7 (Sept 2014); Carribean Kigo Kukai #54 (Sept 2014). Third Prize: The 22nd International "Kusamakura" Haiku Competition (2018); Sketchbook, SSH 3 Summer Kigo Contest (2012); Diogen Winter Haiku Competition, Haiku Section (2013); Journal of Romanian-Japanese Cultural Interferences Haiku Contest (2012). Honourable Mention: 73nd, 71nd, 68nd Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest (2014, 2017, 2018); The 16th HIA Haiku Contest (2014); The 2018 Betty Drevniok Awards (2017, 2018); Jane Reichhold International Prize, ukiaHaiku Festival (2014); RH Blyth Haiku Award (2019); Soka Matsubara International Haiku Competition (2019); Diogen Winter Haiku Competition (2012); Diogen Spring Haiku Competition (2014); IRIS Litle Haiku Contest (2017); The 17-th APOKALIPSA Haiku Contest (2015); World Haiku Review Contest, "Shintai Haiku" and "Vanguard Haiku" section (Winter Issue-January 2016); The 19th Apokalipsa Haiku Contest (2017). Merit Award, Special Recognition : 7th Ito En Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest (2014, 2016); World Haiku Review Contest, "Neo classical Haiku" section (Summer Issue-June 2015); World Haiku Review Contest, "Vanguard Haiku" section (Fall/Winter December Issue 2019); Senryu of Merit in Third Annual Senryu Contest, organized by Sonic Boom Senryu Contest (2017); Special Recognition in FUJISAN Haiku Competition (2014); Sketchbook, "wedding/bride" Haiku Thread (Monthly Haiku Choices, May/June 2012); Ana Ruse Prize in International Haiku Contest Constanta on the lighthouse subject (2020). Commended: Haiku and/or Senryu Contest, Ireland (2019 edition); The Eight International Haiku contest "Klostar Ivanic" (2011); 5th Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award (2015); Blood Donation Haiku Contest (2015); Journal of Romanian-Japanese Cultural Interferences Haiku Contest (2016, 2017). Best of: The Mainichi Haiku in English Annual Selection (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). Prizes and honourable mentions for haiku written in a language other than English (French, Italian and Romanian languages).

Selected Work
refugee camp―  
in the wandering wind
a paper plane
sleepless night―
counting the drops of transfusion
and the shooting stars
bonsai branch―
the bird's song
not diminished
out of the blue
a cricket song among 
the skyscrapers
on the top 
of the Great Pyramid
an anthill 
the last leaf
meets its shadow―
silent forest


"refugee camp" - Grand Prize, 72nd Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest, 2018; "sleepless night" - First Place and Editor's Choice World Haiku Review, January 2016; ,,bonsai branch" - Third Prize, The 22nd International Kusamakura Haiku Competition, 2018; "out of the blue" - Commended, Haiku and/or Senryu Contest, Ireland's Poetry Day, 2 May 2019; "on the top" - Senryu of Merit, Sonic Boom Third Annual Senryu Contest 2017; "the last leaf" - Honourable Mention, The 16th HIA Haiku Contest, 2014.

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