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Patricia McGuire

Patricia McGuire

Born: in London, United Kingdom
Resides: Zurich, Switzerland

Patricia McGuire is the host of the haiku pea podcast and editor of The Poetry Pea Journal of haiku and senryu. She writes using the pen name Bisshie. Born in the UK she now lives in Zürich, Switzerland. Her work has appeared in Autumn Moon Journal, Frogpond, Bones, Presence, Akitsu Quarterly, Blithe Spirit, Chrysanthemum, Sonic Boom, Failed Haiku, Prune Juice, The Heron's Nest, Wales Haiku Journal and The Poetry Pea Journal of haiku and senryu.

Books Published:

Poetry Pea Journal of haiku and senryu , April 2017 Published by Poetry Pea.

Selected Work
rain brings a river
to my door
cutting hay
riding the tractor
back to childhood
the staccato
of a bike ride 
hazelnuts hells
spring dawn
the fresh yellow
of window frames
sweltering noon
the swing sways 
withered leaves
London clay
in my tea


"snowmelt" - Wales Haiku JournalSpring 2020; "cutting hay" - The Heron's Nest Vol. XX11 No. 1, March 2020; "the staccato" - The Shamrock Haiku Journal Issue 43, 2019; "spring dawn" - Cattails April 2020; "sweltering noon" -Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 3.2 Spring/Summer 2020; "withered leaves" - Root: BHS Member's Anthology 2019.

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