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Henk Veenstra

Henk Veenstra

Born: January 13 1938 in Leeuwarden Fryslân, Netherlands
Resides: Drachten, Smallingerland-Friesland, Netherlands

My professional education was at the Academy Minerva (Groningen-City) in Publicity-Designing. And I became a teacher of handicrafts, designing. After my retirement I started writing columns for a local newspaper and specialized in writing haiku and senryu. In a special manner (klankbeeldgedicht) I published my poetry on the World Wide Web Fan van Friesland.
My first aim is promoting the Frisian language (Frysk) and comparing it with Dutch and English for educational purposes. They are similar.
Therefore I published the combination of text (the poem), the picture and a sound, sometimes called HAIGA-TRIVAR. In the published sayings and proverbs I follow the same line. (# sprekwurden & sei-siswizen).

Books Published:

Fan van Friesland. is stored by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek Nederland.
My supervisor/corrector by translations in Frysk and English was the well-known translator Klaas Bruinsma.

Selected Work
Like a butterfly . . .
in the sunlight she dances,
spreading her wings. 
On butterfly’s wings 
fortune gently passes by,  
swift and elusive.
Under a blue sky  
our little house is mirrored,  
painted on water.
A silent suburb, 
a lonely cat on her way  
for her first pee-pee.
The sky in darkness,
bending before the tempest,
tomorrow a clear sky.
Bejewelled fingers
she forgot her hand ever was . . .
reaching for the moon.

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