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Maria Concetta Conti

Maria Concetta Conti

Born: Catania, Italy
Resides: Tremestieri Etneo, Catania, Italy

Maria Concetta Conti lives in Catania, where she graduated in Philosophy. She teaches Italian literature in a Secondary school. Her work has appeared in Otata, Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Haikuniverse, Human Kind Journal, Harusame, Chrysanthemum, #FemkuMag, World Haiku Review, The Mamba, Stardust Haiku, Failed Haiku, Memorie di una geisha, Le Lumachine, Harusame, Poeme de primavera, Haiku Column anthology, Cattails, The Mainichi, The Bamboo Hut, Akita International Haiku Network World Haiku Series 2019.

Books Published:

Risate e sogni - Haiku in classe (Laughter and dreams, haiku in the classroom), a haiku collection by the students of the E. De Amicis Middle School in Tremestieri Etneo, curated by Maria Concetta Conti and Ines Torrisi, Algra Edittore, 2019.
Work anthologized: A Haiga Journey - The Art of Haiga, selected, edited and illustrated by Ion Codrescu, Red Moon Press, 2020.

Selected Work
antique shop
the rain fills up 
the emptiness 
warm Autumn 
all colours 
become one 
Mother’s day
in the shoes last 
year stone 
a heart- shaped stone 
in the hands 
autumn rain 
comes to me 
sand dune 
a soft pillow 
under the moon


"antique shop" – Cattailis – April 2020 issue; "warm Autumn" – World Haiku Review, Dec. 2019; "Mother’s day" – The Mainichi – May 9, 2020; "departure" – Chrysanthemum #26, Oct. 2019; "loneliness" – Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Autumn/Winter 2019; "sand dune" – The Mamba - issue 7, March 2019.

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