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Kristyn Blessing

Kristyn Blessing

Born: Michigan, USA
Resides: Wisconsin, USA

Kristyn Blessing is a writer, artist, and teacher. She has taught English as a Second Language and Composition at universities in Michigan, Wisconsin, and China. These places and other travels influence her writing. Her poetry has been published in Akitsu Quarterly, Ribbons, Atlas Poetica, Failed Haiku, and others.

Awards and Other Honors:

Lawrence and Elsie Klein Creative Writing Award, Michigan Technological University, 2004.

Selected Work
looking down
my paintbrush loses
the sailboat
my sister lifts her flute
for the first time in years
I recognize prayer
thankful too
light breeze lessens
the dread of horseflies
copper mines closed
tote-bags filled with apples
from their orchards


“looking down” – Pins on a Map 3rd Haiku Anthology, 2018; “my sister lifts her flute“ – Failed Haiku Vol. 3, Issue 33, Sept. 2018; “thankful too“ – Failed Haiku Vol. 2, Issue 20, August 2017; “copper mines closed“ – Issa's Untidy Hut, Wednesday Haiku #53, 2012.

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