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Vibeke Laier

Vibeke Laier

Born: in Århus, Denmark
Resides: Randers, Denmark

I have been writing poetry since 2012, but the interest in the art of haiku stretches back to when I was a schoolgirl. I like the process of capturing moments of the day in small sentences and micro poems... it is a way to be open to the magic.

Awards and Other Honors:

Second place - First Kukai "Time to bloom pasqueflowers" by Mongolian Haiku Association, 2015; Honourable Mention - Autumnal Kukai "Drop Leaves" by Mongolian Haiku Association, 2015; The European Top 100 haiku authors in 2016 and 2017.

Books Published:

My eyes open for butterflies - tanka and micro poems (private print, 2014).

Selected Work
summer moon
how tenderly waves
touch paper boats
childhood garden
she adds a violet to
the old herbarium
down the forest path
children making angels in
a blanket of snow
the origami paper
unfolding wish
open window
after autumn rain
the scent of morning tea
evening rain
wind blows through
the smell of a rose 


“summer moon” – Issa's Untidy Hut - The Poetry Blog For Lilliput Review, ed. Don Baird; “childhood garden“ – First Kukai "Time to bloom pasqueflowers" by Mongolian Haiku Association, 2015, 2nd place; “down the forest path“ – seize the poem: an anthology Vol. 1, ed. Caroline Skanne, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015; “creasing“ – hedgerow #2 , October 2014; “open window“ – hedgerow #125, Autumn 2018; “evening rain“ – hedgerow #128, Summer 2019.

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